Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Annual Passover warning Disclaimer: Verify this information before applying it to your situation.

This came from the St. Johns Listserve

Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2005 09:30:32 -0500

Passover foods will soon be on the shelves. For those who may not know, at Passover time, the foods are more clearly labeled (for religious reasons). The labels and the avoidance of wheat at Passover time make it easier for celiacs to buy cakes, cookies, mixes, condiments, sauces, etc. without fear...and with greater variety.

Without going into the religious rationale behind it, the rule to follow:If NONE of the following four appear on the ingredients label AND it says Kosher for is gluten-free. (Must meet both qualifiers.) Spellings may vary.
meal matzah
farfel cake meal.

The above four are made from wheat. If any of the above four (any spelling) appear on the is NOT gluten-free.

If the food specifies non-gebrochts, you are also safe. It will not contain grains, beans, etc. Check out the freezer section too. I find gf tv dinners that say non-gebrochts.


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